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There are lots of other ways to get involved with the McPin Foundation

If you are interested in getting involved in research we have a public involvement in research programme led by Dr Thomas Kabir. We recruit people to research advisory groups, we have a peer review panel that assesses proposals and provides feedback on the research plans, we also have our own advisory group to steer our work.

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Help raise funds for the McPin Foundation!

An easy way to support us is through shopping online through the portal – easy fundraising. You can support as many charities as you like and it doesn’t cost you a penny. The retailers you shop with donate straight to the charities of your choice.


Fancy setting yourself a challenge in 2016/17? We are a small family foundation with big ambitions. Help us make a difference by running, walking or cycling for McPin, donating vital funds for an issue that affects us all. We put people with mental health problems and their families at the heart of research to ensure it’s focused on the issues that really matter to people. Raised funds will help us support people with mental health problems back into work. Raised funds will help us tackle the stigma of mental illness – so people are not afraid to seek help because of what others will say about them or how they will behave towards them. Raised funds will evaluate the impact of new ideas and solutions to help keep people well – we need better treatments and support for mental health. Interested?


The McPin Foundation is keen to work in collaboration

We are interested in working in partnership with university departments, voluntary sector research teams, peer researchers and independent freelance research consultants to help to progress user focused mental health research.


If you are interested in getting involved in any of the current or future work of The McPin Foundation, please email    

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